Sony CRE-C10 Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid




Introducing the CRE-C10—a discreet do-it-yourself hearing solution1 delivering prescription-grade sound quality in a compact design that’s virtually invisible. With user-friendly setup and features that adapt sound to your surroundings, the CRE-C10 offers easy, customizable sound so you can hear life more confidently.

A sleek, discreet solution for better hearing.

Meet the CRE-C10, an easy, do-it-yourself hearing solution for those with signs of mild to moderate hearing loss. Developed in partnership with WS Audiology, this hearing device combines industry expertise with Sony’s trusted technology to deliver exceptional sound quality in a sleek, discreet design that’s virtually invisible. With a long battery life of up to 70 hours of continuous use2, the CRE-C10 offers compact, high-quality sound to enhance your experience in every environment.

What’s in the box:

  • Protective (or Jewel) case with 2 hearing
  • 6 Size 10 Batteries
  • Click Sleeves in 4 Sizes
  • Care Tools
  • User Manual and Guides
Types of ear tips can be used XS, S, M, L

Open (Vent) type

Battery 10 (RP536)
Mic # on each 1
Continuous usage time ~70 hr.
Indicator LED on HA N.A.
Indicator LED on Charger



Feature headline Feature Copy
Sleek, discreet design for everyday confidence As one of the smallest OTC hearing aids you’ll find, the CRE- C10 is crafted to be sleek, discreet, and virtually invisible. With a comfortable fit inside the ear canal, the OTC hearing aids offer prescription-grade sound quality in a barely-noticeable, compact design to wear and hear with confidence.
Easy set up so you can personalize within minutes Easily setup, fit, and customize your OTC hearing aids yourself in around 10 minutes using the Sony | Hearing control app.

With sound quality and volume control right at your fingertips, you can quickly adjust your settings at any time based on your needs.

Prescription-grade sound quality that adapts to your world Developed in partnership with WS Audiology, the CRE-C10 delivers prescription-grade sound quality that’s comparable to traditional hearing aids and automatically adjusts to your surroundings, giving you the best possible hearing experience in many environments.


1 Fits discreetly inside the ear canal for a virtually invisible look
2 Easy to setup and customize your hearing with the Sony | Hearing control app1
3 Delivers prescription-grade sound quality making every experience crystal clear
4 An FDA-registered medical device developed with WS Audiology
5 Comes with four sleeve sizes designed for comfort and ease
6 Automatically analyzes, adjusts, and optimizes sound based on where you are
7 Quality noise reduction and focused microphones for better hearing in environments with background noise
8 Delivers up to 70 hours of continuous use2 with size 10 batteries


Feature Feature description
1 Sleek, discreet, and virtually invisible. Thoughtfully designed to fit completely inside the ear canal, offering prescription-grade sound quality in a compact design that stays under the radar.
2 Customized hearing at your fingertips. Easily set up and customize your OTC hearing aids with the Sony | Hearing control app1 with bass/treble and volume control right at your fingertips, sound quality is tailored to your preferences.
3 Prescription-grade sound quality. Developed with Sony’s innovative technology to produce prescription-grade sound quality comparable to traditional hearing aids.
4 Made for your peace of mind. FDA-registered medical device developed in partnership with WS Audiology.
5 Comfortable fit to your ears. Find your ideal fit from one of four sleeve sizes designed to maximize comfort and ease.
6 Automatically adjusts to your surroundings. Your OTC hearing aids automatically analyze, adjust, and optimize sound based on your surroundings to improve your listening experience in every environment—whether you’re out on a hiking trail or in a busy restaurant with loved ones.
7 Surround speech clarity. With Ear-to-Ear Wireless Link, your hearing aids work together to produce effective, high-quality noise reduction and directionality that cuts through the noise to hear clearly from all directions.
8 Battery-powered for extended use. Uses traditional size 10 batteries with up to 70 hours of continuous use2 so you can hear more for longer.

Legal Footnotes

  1. Sony | Hearing control app – Use app on smartphone to personalize Download app at Google Play and the App Store. Network services, content, operating system, and software subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted, or discontinued at any time and may require registration.
  2. Actual performance varies based on settings, environmental conditions, and Batteries are consumable products, and their capacity degrades over time as they age. Sony does not guarantee the life span of the battery.


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